About StartBlox 

Helping small businesses launch and succeed is our passion.

Our Building Blox

Look at the buildings around you. Even the most unique structures are built with similar fundamental pieces that support them. At StartBlox, we’re helping build solid operational foundations for your business using common elements every successful business has implemented. We call these elements blox.

Starting a business can be arduous, and the process often loses momentum because of the perceived complexity involved. Similar to the starting position for running a track sprint, we want to give you the best foot forward in getting your business off the ground.

For us, startups and small businesses are poised at the convergence of these two things: building foundations of business in communities and running the race toward revenue. And we’re here to guide our app users to their personal finish line, one guided step at a time.

An Expert & Colleague

We're not only a voice but also a participant in the startup space. All of our content blox and task sets are reflective of our own experience in opening up shop; yet, it comes from much more than our own knowledge.

The content on the StartBlox platform was written and edited by almost a dozen experts, with diverse backgrounds and work experience. Even after the hundreds of hours placed in this endeavor, we constantly review, edit and build (a common theme for us) our content.  With the help of our growing team and community of entrepreneurs already on the platform, we strive to continually evolve until we are known as the best app for starting up.


Thoughts from our Founder


"No man is an island entire of itself" - John Donne

Founder Brian Browning agrees and adds,

"No one starts a business because they love the administrative activities of starting up"


After working with startups over many years, I found that they often face the same operational and administrative issues, no matter what industry they’re in or where they’re located.  Information that founders need is scattered everywhere, and unless they’ve started a business before, they’re often on their own to figure things out. 

I created StartBlox to centralize startup foundational elements in one place, to make it easier for everyone to build their business dream.  And with structured guidance around these elements, it's like a virtual coach pointing the way forward.  Using our app, founders can focus less time wondering and more time on their product or service – the whole reason for being an entrepreneur.  We can reduce or even eliminate many "I don't know what I don't know" parts of starting up, and instead lead to specific actions.

Lastly, since every business eventually needs a real-life helping hand, I made sure to build resource connections directly into each step.  Whether a coach, advisor, or vendor, fellow founders shouldn't be afraid to ask for help.  No business operates as an island, we're all better working together.