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Helping small businesses launch and succeed is our passion.

StartBlox is both an expert and a colleague in the startup arena, and we’re dedicated to providing the education, the tools, and the connection that business owners need to succeed.


Our Building Blox

Starting a business can be arduous and complex, and the process often loses momentum just after jumping off the blocks because of the red-tape involved. We’re organizing the information founders need and the back office to do lists that often get overlooked, so that you can sprint to the finish.

Look at the buildings around you. Even the most beautiful, modern buildings are built with the same fundamental pieces that support them. At StartBlox, we’re helping you build a masterpiece using the building blox every successful business has mastered.

For us, startups and small businesses are poised at the convergence of these two things: architecture and sprinting, and we’re here to build them and bring them to the finish line.

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“We define business functions as departments (finance, legal, HR, etc.), but I have always seen them in my mind as something more than the office or floor they sit on. They build up the company and hold the products or services up – like building blocks.”


- Brian Browning, StartBlox Founder


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An Expert & Colleague

Launched in 2016, we are not only a voice but also a participant in the startup space. All of our blocks and tasks are reflective of our own recent experience in opening up shop, but it comes from much more than our own reflections. The content on the StartBlox platform was written and edited by almost a dozen experts with diverse backgrounds and work experience over the course of hundreds of hours. We constantly review and build (a common theme for us) additional content with the help of our growing team and community of entrepreneurs already on the platform.


Founder Brian and Advisor Mark getting StartBlox off the ground at a tech expo in 2016, Washington, DC

Founder Brian and Advisor Mark getting StartBlox off the ground at a tech expo in 2016, Washington, DC

A Word From Our Founder

After working with early stage companies over many years, I found that they often face the same operational and administrative issues, no matter what industry they’re in or where they’re located.  Information that founders need is scattered everywhere, and unless they’ve started a business before, they’re often on their own to figure things out. 

I created StartBlox to centralize startup foundational elements in one place to make it easier for everyone to chase their dreams. That way, founders can focus more on their product or service – the whole reason for being an entrepreneur.  No one starts a business because they love the administrative activities of starting up, right? 

StartBlox is named for the two blocks that runners use to push against at the start of a race. For our customers, the race is to take your passion and turn it into the business you’ve dreamed of creating.

— Brian Browning, CEO & Founder


Like other founders, we’re always growing and evolving, too. Feel free to reach out to us at with thoughts on our product or suggestions for improvement.