Your Business Starts Here

Say hello to a single platform combining structured startup information, entrepreneur communities, and connections to business resources

StartBlox is built for founders like you

Whether you’ve just decided to make that big leap into entrepreneurship, or you’ve been running a small business for a while, StartBlox has lots of tools for you

Idea Stage

Use the walk-through "wizards" to help with validating your product/service, conducting customer research, and creating your business plan

Startup Stage

Follow the Setup Blox to organize your company, setup key business functions, and connect with services and other resources you need to operate

Operating Stage

Chat with subject matter experts in the community, revisit or redo operational elements, and list your business in the Directory to get found



Let us guide you instead of figuring out for yourself all the right keywords in search engines.

Task-oriented education and pointers get you through key operational and administrative setup steps.


Engage an expert in our growing community to ask a specific question, or simply message a colleague to not feel alone in your day.

Once you've got a product or service ready for sale, put that in your profile so others can find your business.


View relevant technology products, advisors, and vendors right next to the information on each task.

We even have links connecting directly to federal and state agencies for tax and regulatory setup.


StartBlox supports the entire entrepreneur ecosystem

If you’re…

  • solopreneur
  • co-founder
  • operating officer of a growing small business


StartBlox business startup platform will keep you moving forward while feeling connected to in-person and online communities

If you own or manage…

  • co-working space
  • incubator or accelerator
  • economic development office


StartBlox is not only a great member benefit – it links in your member administration apps and adds valuable community engagement tools