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Our unique app guides business founders through setup, step by step.  We provide a game plan of actions, contextual information, and helpful resources to get tasks done faster.

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How StartBlox works

See where you stand
Our launch wizard takes stock of what you’ve already done and helps answer one important question: What do I do next?

Take on key tasks
Customize your timelines for checking off the list of things you need to get done across six key setup blox.

Track your progress
Visualize every step of the way with clear progress tracking and your personal StartScoreTM.

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How StartBlox helps startups


Cafe owner smiling at the camera at the cafe

Why StartBlox works

We don’t just tell you what to do - we give you access to a community of resources to do it.  Through partner integrations and customized tools, you get connections to the help you need, like local lawyers, digital marketing agencies, government offices and more. 

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Get your StartScore™

It’s your business, but you’re not alone. Our StartScoreTM ranks your progress (anonymously) with other founders just like you.

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