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At StartBlox, we’re lucky enough to be part of a community that collaborates. As both an expert and a colleague in the startup arena, we’re aware that our friends, users, and role models have a wealth of experience we can learn from. What better way to make this happen than by asking you to share?

About Our Blog:

Our Content Goals:

  • Provide unique, thoughtful content that supports the small business and startup community.
  • Answer questions our readers don’t even know they have.
  • Offer insights, information, and inspiration that helps our community avoid costly mistakes in their new businesses.

What We Write About:

  • Our content should be as varied as our users and readers, and as extensive as our platform. On StartBlog, we start with the questions our users ask or the lessons we find ourselves learning the hard way, and we go from there.
  • Content will answer business questions and address business needs, from hiring to financing. Stuck for ideas? Check out to find out what people are asking.

Our Audience:

We moved away from Silicon Valley so that we could be closer to more diverse startups. From restaurants to construction companies to tech businesses, we have them all. 

  • Non-technicals and technicals alike, our blogs should relate to them all.
  • We work with entrepreneurs, founders, co-founders, early employees, etc., of all ages. Our content should be diverse in both text and images to relate to them all.
  • Our readers’ locations matter. We support small business throughout the US, and our content reflects their varying contexts and local resources.

Ready to contribute?

Our Process:

  1. Send brief author bio and content ideas to, subject line “StartBlog Guest Contributor – NAME”
  2. We’ll get in touch to coordinate whether your suggested topics fit in our content calendar and needs. Be open to our suggestions based on your bio.
  3. Send draft & receive feedback, we’ll be tweaking the post to match the tone of our blog and our audience.
  4. We will provide visuals unless you have specific graphics, pictures, etc., that you’d like to include. (This is very much appreciated!)
  5. The post and your author bio will be added to our content calendar and shared on our growing social networks.

Our Guidelines:

  • We maintain a conversational, but professional tone. Feel free to converse with your readers, not lecture them.
  • Posts should be digestible. Technical terms should be explained in all cases.
  • Our posts range from 400 – 1300 words.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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