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Start A Consulting Business

Education and guided action steps for planning and setting up the basic operations of a consulting business.


Be the business clients 

love to work with.

What will your consulting business become?


There are almost 700,000 management consultants in the US. 


That doesn't mean there is no room left for your consulting business.  On the contrary, finding a niche for your unique offering combined with good marketing, and the world can become your oyster.

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How are you going to win clients?


You've got the right background, now you're looking for the right setup steps. What do you need to make your business succeed?

With the right knowledge, action items, and coaching, you'll be on the fast-track to success. StartBlox app provides exactly that.

And since we started as business consultants ourselves, we can offer live 1:1 coaching and advisory services if you need it.



Key Steps to Consulting Business Success

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1. Legally Form Company


Market Research & Competitor Analysis

2. Set Services & Pricing

Marketing & Sales Planning

3. In- & Out-bound Marketing

Financial Planning & Projections

4. Project Tracking & Invoicing


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