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Start A Coaching Business

Education and guided action steps for planning and setting up the basic operations of a coaching business.

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Inspire your clients in business and life.

How many lives will you change?


The U.S. self-improvement and personal development industry amounts to $9.9 billion.


Can you carve out a piece of the market for yourself?

YES!  Some of us at StartBlox are coaches, and we ourselves have utilized coaching services, on both personal and professional levels.  There is great opportunity if you can distinguish your value over other coaching services in the market.

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How are you going to grow your coaching business?


You've found your passion. You excel at working one-on-one with clients. You love inspiring their success. How will you translate your drive into your own business? 

With the right knowledge, action items, and advice, you'll be on the fast-track to success. StartBlox app provides exactly that.

And since we started as business advisors ourselves, we can offer live 1:1 coaching and advisory services if you need it.



Key Steps to Coaching Practice Success

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1. Legally Form Company


Market Research & Competitor Analysis

2. Set Coaching Methods & Pricing

Marketing & Sales Planning

3. In- & Out-bound Marketing

Financial Planning & Projections

4. Client Scheduling & Payment Systems


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