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Together is a better way to start

Connect startup education, organization information, member community and resources for your startup population - all in one place.

You're a business catalyst, and we're your virtual member hub.

Business founders have lots of questions, and we partner to provide the answers

StartBlox is a comprehensive platform that guides strivers through setup basics for every stage of starting a business.  And, with new Community features coming in June 2019, your organization can add virtual communication and collaboration to your slate of benefits.  Members' forward progress means success for them, and enhanced value to your ecosystem.

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The basics aren't basic if you've never done them before

Make StartBlox the first stop for members to find answers.  Get common questions out of the way, so that conversations among members and with your staff are value-add.

Make your partnerships more visible and accessible to your members

Most organizations have special advisor/expert and technology affiliations to offer their communities, but marketing these partnerships often ends up left to a static webpage. 

In StartBlox, resources can be shown right next to the content where they're relevant - driving more engagement and reducing questions in the community of "Who can help me?"


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Configure at will.

Highlight your own affiliates and resources.

Use our standard ones.

Or deploy a little bit of both.

Whichever you choose, the app enables logos, images, content, and UTM links to advertise services and contact points.