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Co-Working Spaces, Incubators, Accelerators, and Economic Development Agencies

Offer our startup platform as a benefit to your members + take many common member questions off your staff's plate

Together is a better way to start

Let your members know they’re not alone. StartBlox is the premium benefit you can offer to help them turn business founding to-do’s into accomplishable tasks.

No confusion. No runarounds. No kidding.

StartBlox is the business founding and formation app your members need, featuring clear tasks, customizable timelines and relevant resources to help them launch, grow and win.

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Business founders have a lot of questions. Now there’s one answer.

StartBlox is a one-stop shop that guides strivers through every stage of starting their business—forward progress and success enhances their value as a member for you.

You couldn’t possibly have all the answers your members need. Until now.

StartBlox leads your members through the same process millions of other like-minded entrepreneurs have used to launch their businesses, step by easy step.

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The basics aren’t basic if you’ve never done them before.

Your members’ big dreams start with big questions. Where do I incorporate? How do I advertise my business?  What's involved in being an employer? StartBlox puts the wisdom of business consultants at their fingertips in one easy app.