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What does incorporating your business mean?

Main considerations



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Types of Legal Structures

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Most Common

Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Most Complex

S-Corp and C-Corp

Less Common

Partnership, Cooperative, and Non-profit

Comparison of common business legal structures

Naming your Business


Coming up with a name for your business is a tough task. There is no universal advice or right/wrong approach. If possible, try to choose a name that conveys the general line of business you are in while still remaining original.

Home-State vs Out-of-State Incorporation

If you incorporate out-of-state but operate mostly in your home state, you will have to make a filing to do business in the home state, or foreign qualification.Your business will be subject to the same fees, taxes and regulations as if you had incorporated there in the first place. Click on the image for details.

DIY, Online Service, or Attorney?

There are three primary options available to incorporate your business, depending on your business, its size and product, location, and your tolerance to time and cost. 


Do It Yourself

DIY is the lowest cost option, that is suitable if you want to save money, and you have a high tolerance for paperwork and details. You will download or request the forms from your state’s secretary of state’s office, complete, and submit. Click on the logo to access external website.


Online Filing Services

Online filing service will file the documentation for you. This option is more expensive than filing yourself, but it will save your time and effort. You can direct your time and energy on your own business instead of navigating through tedious, and time-consuming legal documents.Click on the logo to access external website.



Using an attorney is the most expensive choice of the three, but can return the best results. If you have complex business needs, an attorney will be able to evaluate your situation and provide specific legal advice.

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