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StartBlox is evolving, but our purpose remains the same.

Over 200 days ago, StartBlox launched our online library of information for business founders to set up their companies. Since then, we’ve worked hard to follow our purpose: to support all stage startups and small businesses, in all industries, across all locations.

We’re proud that today we launch the next stage of achieving our purpose: Coach. We’re bringing the library to life with our industry-first guided walk-through.

With Coach, founders can access a custom curriculum appropriate for their startup stage that provides step-by-step guidance to get them to the next stage of business.  Entrepreneurs are still able to search for startup content on their own via library mode, which offers continuously-evolving content Blox, covering everything from choosing a name to hiring the first employees.

"No one starts a business because they love the administrative activities of starting up," says our founder Brian Browning.  "Entrepreneurs shouldn't have to figure out the 101 administrative tasks on their own. We know that all companies, no matter where they are or what industry they're in, need the same questions answered to be able to operate today."


With Coach, StartBlox provides founders the entire picture of building a business while breaking the startup activities into relevant and manageable steps. We’re taking cues from software that walks users through processes like tax filing or incorporating a business, and we’ve created a platform that brings together everything a business needs to plan, obtain, and operate their back-office activities.

"Imagine having a trusted friend walk you through everything you need to know and understand about starting a business - that's what Coach does for our users," Brian added. "StartBlox makes it easier for budding entrepreneurs to make their ideas become realities. We help reduce fear of the unknown for those who haven't yet taken the plunge."

The first wizard available in Coach is "Planning" - detailed content for first-step startups who need to research, write, and refine aspects of their business plan before launch.  Over the coming year, we will continue to release a series of additional Blox in Coach to help founders legally form companies, choose the right business location, set up finance and software systems, market the product or service, and manage their teams.



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