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Thank You! A Note from the StartBlox Team


Happy Thanksgiving!

We know this post needs no introduction, but we’ll give you one anyway. Around the country, friends and families are gathering to give thanks. As we all raise a glass to our relationships, our health, our wealth, and so much more, the StartBlox team is raising a glass for a few different reasons.

Are you grateful for your boss this season? Are you saying thank you to your employees? We are! With just over a year in business, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for, and we want the world to know it! We won’t overwhelm you with our gratitude for every coffee or college-ruled notebook, though. Here’s our top-ten list for the most appreciative day of the year:

What We’re Grateful For:

Small Business Owners

The role of small business owners in the United States is often overlooked. It may surprise our readers (or not, since we love singing this group’s praises) to know there are almost 30 million small businesses in the United States. These businesses work hard to provide their communities with jobs (almost 60 million of them!), diverse products, and fresh takes on contributing to a community.

Small Business Employees

Many small businesses would simply fail to function without the support of their teams. From a kitchen chef to a chief marketing officer, small business employees keep the engines running in a new company. Their work, although often unnoticed, helps keep the doors open, the ideas flowing, and the innovation happening.

Our Users

At StartBlox, we’re proud to support many small business owners and employees through our small business “how-to” platform. Although we’re proud of our product as it is, we’re even more proud of the plans we have in place to keep serving the needs of our users and helping them in planning, starting, running and winning. Thanks to all of our users that have given us feedback, tried our tools, given us direction for the future. We can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish.

Our Readers

We’ve worked hard to collect extensive small business startup content in our app, but we know that there’s always more to share. Over the last 11 months, StartBlog has been an avenue for us to find and share insights into small business financing, marketing, HR, strategy, and even productivity. We’re so grateful to our readers who have been on the receiving end of this effort, offering their own perspectives on how we can give even better content.

Our Guest Contributors

In recent months, we’ve opened up StartBlog to accept guest contributors’ posts. In doing so, we’ve been able to harness the expertise of other entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers, and tech experts. This effort hasn’t been just to benefit our team, though. This incredible group of people has helped us offer more to our readers and users. Thank you to all of the participants, participants in waiting, and participants to come.

Our Founder

Of course, all of these efforts wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for the vision of our founder, Brian. Brian’s drive, natural disposition for problem-solving, and relentless work ethic are the foundations of StartBlox’s success. His empathy, collaborative spirit, and flexibility make him a great boss to work with (we told you we’re grateful for our bosses!) and a great friend to every member of our team.

Our Team

Well, we’ll just assume that Brian is thankful for us. The StartBlox team is small, and our to-do lists often extend well beyond the reasonable length. Nonetheless, our team has brought their fish-training, coffee-drinking, and (only when truly needed) business know-how to the table to make up what we now know as StartBlox.

Our Advisors

Lucky are those who have the support of some experts, and lucky are we. We’ve assembled a squadron of experts to guide our business, to make connections to other businesses on our behalf, and even settle debates over cover photos. The advice and guidance of this talented group of people have, at times, kept us sane.

Our Community

We couldn’t have chosen a better community to get started in than Washington DC. From Saturday morning meetings at a Compass Coffee to Friday night beers at Glen’s Garden Market, we’re lucky to be surrounded by successful small businesses who are more than willing to fill our team’s need for a little small business camaraderie.

Our Lessons Learned

Most importantly, we’re grateful for our lessons learned. (Note: you could think of this more as gratitude for our mistakes.) As with any small business, not everything has always worked out according to plan. From blog migrations to choosing the right stickman for a graphic, we’ve had our trials. Through it all, we’ve taken away new lessons that will guide us as we finish out 2017.

How You Can Help:

With all of this gratitude in the air, it’s hard not to feel motivated. If you’re looking for a way to get involved with StartBlox, here are a few ways you can do that:

Sign Up for StartBlox: Users of our app are invaluable. Your feedback and opinions help guide our team as we continue to assess the best ways to support small business across the United States.

Read our StartBlog: We post on a weekly basis, covering topics from “What is Debt Financing?” to “How to Hire”. Keep up with our blog for advice on how to get your business off the ground.

Contribute on StartBlog: If you have small business experience and want to share, we’d love to hear from you. Guest contributors can find out more about our process at

Follow us on Social: All of our posts and updates are shared on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. If you’d like to stay up to date with our team, head over and follow or like us!



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