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How To Survive the Holidays As An Entrepreneur


The holidays can be a stressful time for small businesses. With the end of the year looming, holiday shopping in full-swing, and customers being a little more tense than normal, small businesses are often stretched thin to meet the demands of the season.

Alongside the many stresses of this season, entrepreneurs are also faced with the unique challenge of explaining their jobs and their businesses to loved ones. Not being the traditional corporate path, it can be a challenging time to maintain high energy and positivity.

To help entrepreneurs get through the season in one piece (and with a happy ending), we’ve compiled some of our best tips for holiday survival.

Pitch Your Business, but Know Your Audience

Every supportive family wants to know that their loved ones have steady flows of money and a secure career. Unfortunately, those things aren’t synonymous with starting a business. As you head into a family dinner, consider this a marketing exercise. Practice your pitch in a way that your family will understand and relate to, and try to get them as excited about your new business as you are. Once they understand your passion, you may be surprised by their support.

Prepare for Skepticism

There’s always the rogue uncle, grandparent, sibling, or other family member that won’t see the vision. Prepare for that, and know that it’s okay. Much like your customers, not every family member will fall in love with your business idea. Instead of dwelling on their doubts, acknowledge them. See if your other family members who are excited about your company can rally the disbelievers or naysayers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Draw a Line

Every family occasion has built-in awkward and overly-personal questions, and your business is likely to draw more of these than you thought your family capable of. As an entrepreneur, a highly-functioning business leader, and (at the very least) an adult, you should feel free to draw a line with your family. There are questions (especially financial ones) that you just don’t have to answer.  Focus on what you're providing the community and delivering to your customers instead.

Carve Time For Yourself

If you’ll be staying with your family for multiple days, make sure you find time for yourself. Bring a book to read, go for a run, or just pack a great pair of headphones. Being with your family and following their every whim can get exhausting, so make sure you have time to recharge.

Don’t Carve Time For Your Business 

You may want to talk about your business and share the latest developments with your loved ones, but don’t let that pull you into work-mode. Take this time to unplug your laptop (unless you’re watching a movie!), put an out-of-office on your email, and relax. You’ll come back to your desk more refreshed, more productive, and with better ideas.

If You Are Going to Work, Make it Focused

There’s no sense in peeking at your emails while simultaneously opening presents and entertaining your nephew. Instead, if you absolutely have to work, make a compromise with yourself:  you will fully and wholeheartedly enjoy the festive activities in exchange for 1 hour of work in the afternoon. In that hour, stay focused on high-priority items, and call it quits as soon as the time is up.

Relish Every Moment... Of Your Favorite Parts

Not every moment of every holiday matters, so let go of the ones that don't. Did the turkey taste bad? Forget it. Did someone not like the gift you gave?  Don't worry. Do you despise the song "Feliz Navidad"? Let it go! You may not love every holiday tradition, and you don't have to. Instead, grit your teeth through the ones that are just fine, and breathe in every moment of your favorites.

At StartBlox, we wish you a relaxing holiday season, regardless of your faith or background. This December 25th, we hope you’re planning to close up shop (or at least close early) and cross a few things off of your (probably very backlogged) personal care to do list.


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