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The State of Small Business: Most Fascinating Facts [Infographic]


Being a small business owner is hectic at best, and terrifying at worst. When you’re constantly keeping your head down and focusing on the day’s to-do list, it can be tough to remember that you’re not actually alone in running your company. In fact, your small business is one of 30 million companies driving the US economy. 

With a scale this massive, there’s a lot of interest in small businesses and how they impact our society. From where they’re based to how they grow, the statistics are fascinating. 

Small Business Facts - Infographic

Our top takeaways? Even though less than half of all small businesses with employees survive their first five years, we’re encouraged by the optimism of these firms. As a proud small business supporter, we’re excited to continue to aid small businesses and their nearly 60 million employees in their future growth.


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