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Which of Santa’s Reindeer Is Your Business? How Small Business Can Have Huge Personalities

Small Business Personalities

You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen… but do you know which one you are? Santa’s reindeer have distinct personalities, and you’d be surprised which one it turns out your small business is.

Every company has its own personality, which is more often than not a reflection of its leader. And while every entrepreneur is different, they tend to share a few core personality traits that play to their advantage when they’re at work.

We did a little research and talked to Santa himself to find out how his sleigh makes it around the world in one night. In the process, we got to know the reindeer pretty well. They’re pretty great, and each brings a new strength to the team. So which reindeer are you when you’re guiding the sleigh?


The speed demon of the team, Dasher’s got an affinity for moving fast. He has plenty of energy, and he likes to use it to motivate the team and get them out the door. You won’t find him sitting still for very long.

If your business is a Dasher, you’re probably constantly on the go. With customers coming in, new ideas to act on, and a to-do list that never ends, you make four-days-worth work happen in one. We hope you get a good night’s sleep every night!


Could the be a more graceful reindeer than Dancer? She’s got all of the class and poise of a beautiful ballerina, and she’s full of moves. Don’t try to win in a dance-off - it’s not going to happen.

Grace is a gift not all of us are blessed with, but you might be. Do you easily navigate the awkward customer-relationship and occasional mishaps that come with starting a company? If your business is a Dancer, you’re probably adept at improvising when you need to and you stay light on your feet to dance around any challenge that comes your way.


Prancer loves to have fun, and his youthful energy makes everything seem a little more enjoyable. With an eye for anything that could be a great game, he makes every day a surprise for the team.

Not every small business task feels like fun, but Prancers can turn anything into a game. Do you approach your email inbox, your t-shirt folding, or your late-night’s work with an eye for competition? Do you give prizes at the end of your to-do lists? Most importantly, do you just love doing work? You’re probably a Prancer.


As the oldest, most mature female on the team, Vixen is full of wisdom. Her lengthy experience with Santa’s sleigh makes her a great coach, a fluid mentor, and a great guide. She’s got what it takes to keep everyone on track.

Small businesses aren’t always startups. Often times, they’re several years old and packed full of Vixen-style wisdom. Your small business may have been around the world a few times, and you’re getting to know your way around. As many Christmas nights have come and gone, you’re confidence has grown. Congratulations, you’ve made it!


When you’re pulling a sleigh full of toys and games around the world in one night, it can be pretty easy to get stressed out, but Comet never lets it get to him. As the easy-going reindeer of the bunch, he easily keeps his sights set on the next rooftop to land on.

If your business has weathered some strong winds and stormy Christmas eves, it can be pretty helpful to have a Comet on the team. When you’re in the thick of a surge of customers or a big mistake in marketing, your business’s easy-going attitude keeps you calm and helps you navigate to a smart decision.


Cupid always has an eye on the prize. With a keen sense of direction and a precisely focused flight, he helps to make sure the team stays on track through the entire night.

If you have a Cupid-style influence in your business, you’ve probably got a clearly defined goal in mind at every step of the way. With your sights set on the future state of your business, you keep your business clear of distractions, and you’re great at making strategic decisions that keep you on course.


When it comes to reindeer-power (not horsepower), Donner’s the one the team counts on. Although he loves to sing, his real talent lies in his stamina throughout the night. Donner is an excellent reindeer to count on when the team starts to get tired.

Starting a business is no easy feat, and there’s more work to be done than there are hours in your day. If your team excels at powering through a to-do list and flexing its small business muscles, you might be matching Donner’s strength.


Dasher might be a speed-demon, but Blitzen is the fastest reindeer on the team. His speed, combined with his positive and playful attitude make him a great candidate for the front of Santa’s sleigh. You’ll find Blitzen next to Donner, forming a great, strong team to guide the way.

Not every business is lucky enough to have strength, speed, and positivity all at the same time, but Blitzens do. If you’ve got this lucky balance of personality traits, you’re probably on the right track to success.


The most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph needs no introduction. His shiny nose (you would even say it glows!) and his experience being made fun of by his reindeer peers make him relatable, but fundamentally cool.

No matter your type of business, you can’t help but want a Rudolph on your team. With a resilient spirit and convenient innovation, Rudolph businesses are sure to get Santa’s attention.

Want to find out which of Santa’s reindeer you are? You can find out here.  More about each reindeer personality can be found here


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