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The Mother's Day Commitment to Mompreneurs


This Mother's Day, we all have a reason to celebrate. Moms, you're the best! Today is about your years of dedication to our success, our happiness, our learning, and our growth. Across the country, families are taking a moment to celebrate mom's contributions to making things happen, getting things done, and moving things forward. At StartBlox, our team is celebrating just like everyone else. But we're not only celebrating our own Moms, but the millions of Moms throughout the country who are multi-taskers, profit-makers, and business-leaders in their capacity as Mompreneur.

There are approximately 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States1, yielding $2.8 trillion in revenues each year2. Moreover, it is estimated that one in three women-owned businesses are led by mothers, who work tirelessly in their contributions to their families, communities, and economies3. This Mother's Day, StartBlox is reaffirming our commitment to Mompreneur.

We commit to saving you time.

Moms don't have a lot of free time to begin with, so we know Mompreneurs need answers fast. From which regulations to consider to which forms to fill out, you could waste hours in internet searches of what you do or don't need to know. We're working every day to centralize the answers to questions that you have on StartBlox, allowing you to get the know-how you need to move on with your day.

We commit to helping you multitask.

Moms are the best multi-taskers there are, but it's easy to get lost in all of the tasks and to-dos of your two full-time jobs. We're building a task-management system that will help you manage your lists, pause your project, and come back to it later. Our straightforward path for learning will help you pick back up where you left off.

We commit to helping you focus on what's important.

Mompreneurs have a thousand priorities, and for every business at every stage, there are first-priority tasks and there are twentieth-priority tasks. We'll get to know your business so that we can give you the most crucial information for your business stage, allowing you to leave everything else to the side. That way, you can get back to what you enjoy the most.

We commit to growth.

Moms are watching their children grow up, and mompreneurs are watching their businesses grow successfully. We know that our businesses grow only if we grow together. In our tumultuous economy and competitive markets, we understand that the key to success involves us all coming together to find out how we can do better. We'll continue to enhance StartBlox in a way that grows your business, and we'll welcome your inputs on how we can make it even better.

We commit to your success.

Every mom has a goal. For us, our goals are all about you. Every day, we're celebrating your passion, your innovation, your challenges, and your lessons-learned. Without women-owned businesses in our economy, an additional 16% of our workforce would be jobless2. We're proud supporters of your contributions and success.

At StartBlox, we're thrilled to be contributing to the growth of the Mompreneur community and to your success.

To all moms who are making a difference, setting an example, and turning a profit: Happy Mother's Day.






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