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Happy New Year, from our Founder


Dear Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,

Is there any better feeling than starting a new year? We hope that the first two weeks for 2017 have brought you new energy and optimism.

2016 was a year of new beginnings for us here at StartBlox. We saw our first 100 days of business, our first users, and our first windfall of small successes. As we begin 2017, we’re excited to do it with you, our entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-in-the-making that will succeed in 2017. The United States startup and small business communities continue to grow across all industries, geographies, and demographics. Our promise for the coming year is that we will be here to support startups and small businesses, regardless of their roots, and help them find success.

Our next step in our support plan is… new features! If you logged in this week, you may have already seen Notes and a Feedback mechanism available on our blox, as well as a Search feature to find the blox you need quickly. We’ll be rolling out our first Wizards and Templates in a few weeks. Being a part of our very first user group — you were there when we needed you the most! — we want to thank you for your support by continuing to give you full access to new features FREE for the life of your account.

I, my small yet growing team, and our advisors all look forward to serving you in 2017.

To your success! Happy New Year!

Brian Browning, Founder


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