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Boston Small Businesses that are Hitting It Out of Fenway Park


With over 40,000 small businesses, Boston’s got a lot to offer entrepreneurs and small business owners. This bustling startup scene isn’t just great for its leaders, though; it’s great for everyone. Filled with creativity, ingenuity, and innovation, Boston small businesses are bringing new luxurious to our daily lives. Here are a few of the key players that are hitting home runs this summer:

Urban Grape

This Boston-based wine cellar is anything but traditional. From progressive shelving to personalized picks for customers, Urban Grape has a clear focus on helping customers find what suits their pallets. Urban Grape houses more than just wine; they also have spirits, beer, and sake.

Not only is this wine cellar proving great service to their customers, but they’re following Blake Mycoskie’s advice: “Giving is good business.” With monthly non-profit partners, Urban Grape’s awareness campaigns and community wine tasting events help customers feel good about their purchases. If that wasn’t enough, Urban Grape will also be releasing a book this fall on their progressive pairings.

Evy Tea

With an exotic product based in an authentic, Chinese cultural background, Evy Tea’s cold brew tea fills a clear gap in the marketing. This small business offers a cold, smooth, and naturally sweet tea. Evy Tea’s constant evolution makes them an ideal taste for a new, nontraditional generation of tea-drinkers.

Positive press is the name of the game for Evy Tea, with recent coverage by Forbes and on a local news station. Evy Tea keeps it transparent with announcements of their funding, brand-new tea bar, and new products on social media. It’s clear the team knows their market, too. Their excellent, youthful posts on Facebook and Instagram keep it real, keep it colorful, and keep it unique.

Bone Up Brewing Co.

A light-hearted beer company, Bone Up Brewing Co. stands out even from just their name. With a process that started in 2014, this brewery now has taproom hours four days out of the week and serves up their incredible brews (including Extra Naked, Shut Up Kelly, and Wasted Life). You can’t help but be intrigued

With a refreshingly honest website and friendly social media presence, this brewery talks to customers like friends. Pairing this with presence with a clear ethos around the sociability of their product, Bone Up Brewing Co. encourages friends (and families) to come hang out in their space. In our books, that’s a recipe for success. 


Taking a new twist on traditional greeting cards, Lovepop is shaking up the way we celebrate moments together. This small business creates 3-dimensional greeting cards, combining intricate and colorful art with personal memories.

Crafted by not only artists, but engineers, Lovepop’s marketing efforts take advantage of a truly beautiful product. With an Instagram full of well-timed art, personal engagement with their customers, and clever summer-themed cards, Lovepop has a clear recipe for success. If rocking social media wasn’t enough, Lovepop is also attending markets to get their product in front of new potential customers. 


A socially responsible and mission-driven company, Hatched serves Boston’s parents. Their children’s clothing and toys come exclusively from companies that share their values of eco-friendliness and sustainability. Hatched secretly shares its mission in its name, with each letter standing for another ambitious statement of the company’s goals.

Events are among the best ways to market any business - especially if the business is as community-focused as Hatch. With the store’s First Thursday event, they hosted an artist that celebrates the environment, giving her exposure to their customers and adding unique value to their community. Hatched’s social media is highly engaged with their community and shows a commitment to their values.

It’s clear that Boston small businesses know how to perform. Their refreshing social media presence, eco-friendly and socially oriented ambitions, and unique products and names all are assets that drive their competence. So, Bostonians, pay a visit to your local small businesses and let us know which ones you love the most.

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