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20 2017 New Year’s Resolutions (and How They Relate To Your Business)


With every new year comes new goals to guide us. Every January, we decide to lose weight, get fit, eat healthier, save money, and be happier. How often do we decide to do these things for our business?

This year, we remind you to apply your New Year’s Resolutions to your business. To get you started, we’ve translated the most typical personal resolutions into business goals.

1. Get in shape

Trim that fat. Cut out unnecessary meetings or bulky investments that aren’t giving you anything.

2. Stop procrastinating

Stop sitting on your new ideas for your next business or new strategy. Act on them within a week or not at all.

3. Spend more time with the people that matter

Listen to your customers and your employees. Check their satisfaction and ask for feedback.

4. Meet new people

Network. Know that small talk can lead to big results, and always bring your A-game.

5. Get your annual check-up at the doctor

Review your numbers regularly. Diagnose what’s happening with your business and where you should go from there.

6. Improve your concentration and mental skills

Focus on the “wildly important” and say no to good ideas if they aren’t great.

7. Eat healthier

Give up the bad business habits, like an overfilled inbox or focusing on too much at once.

8. Watch less TV

Stop watching metrics that don’t mean anything for your business. Instead, watch for metrics that match the stage your business is in.

9. Find a significant other

“Date” the key partners that will help you succeed; venture capitalists might be a great start.

10. Learn how to dress with style

Make sure every piece of your brand is presentable, from font to storefront — it all matters.

11. Earn more money

Find ways to decrease cost or increase revenues.

12. Get out of debt

Pay back the bank, at least in part. (Or, if you’re bootstrapping, get in debt with a loan to kick-start your company.)

13. Learn a new language

Learn the language that your buyers are speaking. Millennials are different from Baby Boomers.

14. Pick up useful skills or fun hobbies

Take the time to learn crucial skills that you need to succeed. (Or outsource and pay someone else to learn them for you.)

15. Let go of grudges and avoid moping

Not every customer will be pleased with your product or service. Take the feedback constructively and move on.

16. Stop being late all the time

Meet deadlines. Always. Especially those that involve external stakeholders.

17. Spend less time on social media

Actually, spend more time on social media. Focus on the channels where your customers spend their time.

18. Learn how to defend yourself.

Do some research on your competitors so that you can learn from them and overtake them.

19. Become more romantic.

Start courting a new type of customer with new marketing campaigns and channels.

20. Remember important dates

Celebrate your successes, both big and small.


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