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10 Small Business Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air, and it’s time to paint the town pink. If your small business isn’t celebrating Valentine’s Day yet, it’s not too late to start spreading the love and winning the hearts of your customers.

As a small business owner, you know by now that every holiday offers a great theme for your marketing and promotions. In the run-up to this international holiday, ride the wave of what everyone’s talking about and help get your brand out there. Not sure how to do it? Here are 10 ways you can create a spark in your community:

Celebrate the Perfect Match

Valentine’s Day is all about things (or people) that go well together. Couples everywhere are celebrating what makes them the perfect match for each other, like wine and cheese or burgers and fries. No doubt, you’ve got items or services in your inventory that are better together. Highlight the perfect matches that you’ve already got on hand with this easy Valentine theme.

Every Couple Needs Two

This month, you’re not marketing to one person - you’re marketing to two. So take advantage of it! What are the items in your shop that every couple needs two of? Find them and flaunt them. Showcase photos of your customers using your products together to make your products be part of their #relationshipgoals.

Ask Your Customers Who (and What) They Love

Get your audience involved in your effort by asking them who and what they love. If the world around you is celebrating love, you might as well do it, too. Showcase the stories you hear from your customers on your social media to show off the human side of your business. Your customers’ warm, fuzzy feelings for your brand will trickle into sales later on.

Create A Contest

Every couple has a little competition in them somewhere, so use that. Encourage your customers to showcase their love for your brand on social media by offering them the chance at a free dinner, a bottle of wine, or a gift from your store. The buzz they create in their friend groups will be well-worth the small cost of a prize.

Show A Little Extra Love

It’s well known that charitable businesses make consumers feel better about their purchases. Use this month to show a little extra Valentine-themed love to your community to encourage buyers out of their shells. Don’t just stop at making donations, though. Make sure your consumers know what they’re supporting. This heartwarming effort is a sure way to drum up some interest in your company.

Help Them Show Their Love

Not every couple is adept at navigating this holiday, so let the couples of the world know you’re there for them. Position your products and services as helpful hints on how to please their partners this Valentine’s Day. To do so, focus your marketing on the gift-giver this month, not your typical consumer. Getting your product in front of the right person in the paring will help them make the right purchase.

Create a Gift Guide

Go a step further by creating a complete guide to gifts, and don’t be shy to include gifts that aren’t in your catalog. Creating a resource to help couples find ideas that include your own products is a great way to highlight how your brand can help them. Going over the top, though, can make your good intentions cross the line into overly-promotional. Showcase the best ways to help your customers and build their trust in your brand for the longer-term.

Become a Date Destination

Whether you’re a typical event or date destination or not, it’s possible for every small business to become a destination on Valentine’s Day. Host events - like couples classes - that teach skills your market might be interested in. If you’re a cafe or restaurant, create menu-items specific to the big day that help you customers celebrate their love.

Cater to Procrastinators

Not all of your customers have planned in advance. Lend a hand to procrastinators by targeting last-minute messages and easy-to-execute Valentine’s Day ideas. They’ll be relieved to find a helping hand in your business when they’re scrambling on February 13th, and their love for you will only grow from there.

Don’t Forget the Singles

It’s important to remember the other side of this holiday - the single folks! If celebrating Valentine’s Day with pink and red hearts everywhere isn’t your vibe, you could always spend the month with the singles. Either way, don’t forget that this massive market might have an extra incentive to indulge in your brand this month!


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